Firefox 85.0 has ended support for Adobe Flash

Posted on January 26, 2021

The new final version of the Firefox 85.0 browser has ended support for Adobe Flash.

Among the important changes is the supercookie file blocking function. Let me remind you that supercookies can be used in place of regular cookies, but they are much more difficult to delete and block. This makes it impossible for privacy when browsing the web, even in private browsing mode.

Changes in Firefox 85 greatly reduce the effectiveness of cache-based supercookies by eliminating a tracker’s ability to use them across websites.

Finally, the developers have improved the password manager. In the settings, they added a button to delete all saved logins. Previously, you would have to delete each login separately.

Download Firefox

Firefox 85.0 Windows 64-bit
Firefox 85.0 Windows 32-bit
Firefox 85.0 Linux 64-bit
Firefox 85.0 Linux 32-bit
Firefox 85.0 macOS

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